Bunny Cut-Up Cake

March 14, 2016 Diane Homan
Bunny Cut-up Cake | Homan at Home

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Have you ever made a cut-up cake? This was something we used to do all the time when I was little. The idea is simple – you start with normally shaped cakes (usually squares or circles), and then cut them up, reassemble them, and create fun designs. 

The be-all end-all book we used when I was a kid was Baker’s Coconut Animal Cut-Up Cakes, published in the 1950s. Yeah, that long ago. We had a bunch of photocopied pages (because it was out of print even then) and we’d pick something, and then make it. We used candy and frosting to decorate. I’m sure they looked pretty sad, but we had so much fun. That’s where I learned my basic cake decorating skills. 

All of that to say that cut up cakes are a great activity to do with kids. This bunny cut-up cake is made with two 9-inch round cakes. You only need one cake mix to make this guy, which makes him super cheap. I made mine super fancy for the picture, but if you click here, you can see tons of different versions – some decorated with candy or coconut, some with frosting, some that look professional, and some that look like the kids definitely helped 🙂 

P.S. – If you like this idea, check out my chick cut-up cake. He only uses 1 8″ round and is super cute!

P.P.S. – If you’re interested in more cut-up cakes, Hoboken Historical Museum made Baker’s Coconut Animal Cut-Up Cakes available in PDF form. Click here to download the whole book!

Bunny Cut-up Cake | Homan at Home
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Bunny Cut Up Cake

One cake mix, two round cakes, a little cutting, and an adorable bunny!
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 50 minutes
Servings 24



  • 1 pkg cake mix
  • 1 pkg pudding
  • 4 eggs
  • cup butter melted
  • 1 cup milk


  • 1 cup shortening
  • 1 cup margarine or butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 8 cups powdered sugar
  • 1-4 Tbsp water
  • Food coloring opt
  • Candy coconut, sprinkles, etc. for decorating (opt)


  • Mix together all ingredients for cake. Split in half and place 1/2 in each of two greased and floured 9-inch round cake pans.
  • Bake at 350° for 20-25 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
  • Remove cakes from pans. Leave one cake intact, and cut the other using the template below.
  • Assemble bunny shape using template below. Set cake aside.
  • In a mixing bowl, whip together shortening and butter. Add vanilla and mix well.
  • Add powdered sugar in 1 cup amounts until frosting reaches desired consistency.
  • Use frosting to decorate cake as desired.


Adapted from Bakers Coconut Animal Cut-Up Cakes

Bunny Cut-Up Cake, Step-by-Step!

Just a note about the recipe above. I’m a big believer in doctoring cake mixes. I love the gorgeous denseness you get by adding an extra egg, milk, butter, and pudding. If that’s not your thing, this cake can be made perfectly well by just following the directions on a cake mix box, or  by using your favorite cake recipe. What’s most important is that you can get two evenly sized 9-inch rounds out of it.

This is your starting set-up. Two round cakes, a copy of the template below, and a board of some sort to put your cake on (mine’s half an old diaper box with foil taped on).

Bunny Cut-Up Cake | Homan at Home

Now you get to do the cutting. I won’t lie, this part scares me every time (What if I mess up!). That’s why I made a template this time. I figured I’d let all the rulers in Illustrator figure out the math for me and then I could bask in the glow of a perfectly proportioned bunny. And of course, I’ll share. Click here for the ear/bow-tie template. 

I just laid the template over the second cake, then cut through the paper and the cake along the lines. You can also poke holes in the paper with a toothpick, leaving marks on the cake underneath. When you remove your paper, you’ll have a nice line of toothpick marks showing you where to cut. Either way, this is what you end up with: 

Bunny Cut-Up Cake | Homan at Home

Now you can transfer your cakes to your board. Your set-up looks like this:

Bunny Cut-Up Cake | Homan at Home

Now comes my favorite part: decorating. I didn’t have any candy on hand, so I decided to do mine with just frosting. Above, I gave you the recipe for my favorite buttercream frosting, but you can use just about anything depending on the look you’re going for. You could cover this guy in fondant, or go low-key and use some store-bought frosting (I LOVE Duncan Hines Cream cheese flavored frosting!).

I also used the star method of frosting this guy. Basically, I stick a bunch of frosting in a decorators bag, screw on a Wilton 18 tip*, and make little stars all over the cake (the detail piping was done with a Wilton 3* for the face, and Wilton 12* for the bow tie knot). As I said before, you can use candy to make all the details. M&Ms make great eyes, licorice makes good whiskers and mouths, jelly beans make a great nose, and you can use sprinkles or coconut to make the ears. Feel free to get creative. You can’t be wrong if it makes you happy here!

If you want to decorate yours like mine, I’ve got my process photos below. Basically, I did all the piping and detail work first, then filled in with the stars. It’s not hard at all – but I won’t lie, it’s pretty time consuming. Budget at least an hour for decorating if you try this method.

Bunny Cut Up Cake | Homan at Home

I used this template to get the eyes the right shape. I am a terrible freehander, so I printed this, cut out the eyes, then laid them on the cake and piped around them. I used a toothpick to get the paper back off the cake after I piped. I did the same for the nose. For the mouth, I cut out the curve from the template, then laid the paper on the cake and piped around the curve. The whiskers were freehanded. 

Bunny Cut Up Cake | Homan at Home

Here’s the face filled in with the star tip. Onward to the ears! Use this template to make the inside of the ears. Just like with the face, print off the template, cut it out, lay it down, pipe around it with the size 3 tip, lift the paper off with a toothpick, and fill with stars. 

Sorry for the small picture, but it got super pixelated when I tried to blow it up…

The last part is the bow tie, and here’s a close up so you can see how that was done:

Bunny Cut-Up Cake | Homan at Home

I used the Wilton tip 12 to pipe the circle “knot” in the center (A successful freehand!) and then filled in with the star tip. Here’s the finished product!

Bunny Cut-Up Cake | Homan at Home

He’s so cute! I’d forgotten about cut-up cakes until just recently, but now I’m ready to make some more!

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Flower Pull-Apart Cake

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Bunny Cut-Up Cake | Homan at Home



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Lauren Wayne

Holy moly, no wonder my cakes never turn out like that–I spend about five minutes decorating, ha ha. I love yours! I want to try the cut-up method with my kids (but then totally phone it in as usual).

Diane Homan

I don’t normally spend this much time on cakes either – but putting things on the Internet makes me nervous! You might try the candy method. It’s way faster and looks pretty cute too 🙂


I was little girl age 2 my mom Ella. Use to make my dads birthday cake. Down Florida me. And my mom Ella Use to make wedding cakes. Birthday cake. And every cake. We make. We make every Holliday cake We where in homestade fl


What a super cute idea for Easter!
Kari recently posted…Lightened Shepard’s PieMy Profile

Homan at Home

[…] them into different shapes, and assemble the whole thing into something recognizable (like a bat or this Easter bunny). I’ve been making them since I was a kid. In fact, they’re a great kid’s […]

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Mary Margaret Perex

I can’t wait to make this cake. However I don’t see any instructions on how to do the ears. Easter is still a while away. Please post instructions for the ears. I just can’t wait to make the cake. Thanks so much for all the instructions.

Diane Homan

I went ahead and added in a picture and a template along with instructions for how to do the ears. I hope this answers your questions, but please let me know if you need anything else! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Mary Margaret Perex

I can’t wait to make this cake. Tips for ears are not in your instructions. Thanks

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J Nather

I made this cake the first year I was married,in 1964.I was thinkibg about making it this year for my 2yr old grand daughter. Now that I saw it again I will reallybhave to make it I used icing and toped with coconut

Diane Homan

Wow! That’s such a fun memory – and coconut on top sounds delicious 🙂

Homan at Home

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When making your version do you just ignore all the box ingredients? Or do you still use oil and water along with yours listed?

Diane Homan

I ignore what the box says completely 🙂

Homan at Home

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Lisa Jorgensen

This is adorable I would love to use this post in an Easter Treats Roundup!

Diane Homan

Thank you! We’d love to be included 🙂

heather. colby

Me and my mom Ella Use to make wedding cakes Birthday cake And every cake We where in down Florida. We make every cake I was little girl age 2 my mom Ella Use to make them all the time.

Love heather colby I’m 36 years old
heather. colby recently posted…Welcome to Easterbunny.com!My Profile

Elaine Davis

I used frosted the cake with white frosting then use pink sugar for the inner ear,sprinkle the face and ears with coconut. Use jelly beans for the eyes and nose,red licorice for the whiskers. Can use any colored sugar for the bow tie.

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Thanks so much for this tutorial. I tried my hand at the bunny cake today. It came out pretty good for a first try!

Diane Homan

I’m so glad it came out for you!


So cute! Small or large box of pudding? I’m assuming you went with vanilla?

Diane Homan

I use the little one, and yes to vanilla although this year I tried coconut and it was delicious!


Thanks for the super quick response! Making it now!


I want to thank you for your step-by-step instructions – with pictures! I am a beginner cake decorator and have failed the first 3 times in decorating. However, your steps are so simple and easy to follow, that I decided to give it one more try. If I can be patient enough to follow directions, I will post a pretty-near perfect Bunny Cake! Thanks again!!

Diane Homan

I hope they work for you! I’d love to see how it turns out 🙂

Debby Brooks

5 stars

I have made this bunny cake several times, and it is so cute! No problems with it!

Diane Homan

I’m so glad you liked it!

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Jalane Quinonez

I going to make this bunny cake, thanks for posting and giving the instructions. Can you please tell me which tip you used for the face (fur) and bowtie.

Diane Homan

All the stars are done with a Wilton 18 star tip, and the thick lines on the bow tie are done with a Wilton 12. I used a Wilton 3 for all the other piping on the cake. Hope that helps!


Should use instant pudding? Could I use Dream Whip instead? Remember making this recipe when my boys were younger now I’m doing this for my grandchildren.

Diane Homan

I have never used Dream Whip, so I can’t help you out there, I’m afraid. Hope you and your grandchildren have a lovely Easter!


5 stars

I just made this and it is darling!!! How do you store the frosted cake?

Diane Homan

I’m so glad it turned out for you! For storage, I stretch Saran wrap over the board. It usually takes two pieces to cover the whole thing.


5 stars
This was the best and easiest direction set to follow. The step by step instructions were a god send and the templates were extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing!

Diane Homan

I’m so glad it worked for you! Happy Easter 🙂


That looks so cute! I just gotta try this out 🙂


What size board do I need forbthis cake. I know you said half a diaper box, and I have plenty of those (lol) but what ate the dimensions? I’m making this cake as Harry the Bunny from Baby First TV and I have to travel with it. I want to purchase a good, solid board for it.

Diane Homan

A Harry cake would be so cute! What a fun idea 🙂 To answer your question, my diaper box board measures 16″x18″.

Amanda C.

When I was little my grandmother show my uncle how to make this cake and he made them for Easter almost every year. He made his with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting and put coconut on it. He then decorated it with jelly beans and licorice.

Diane Homan

What a lovely memory! It sounds delicious 🙂

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5 stars

Made this cake with my daughter last night. It was our first cut up cake. Thank you for the wonderful idea 🙂 We had alot of fun making it & it turned out great. I will definitely be making another cut up cake 🍰

Diane Homan

I’m so glad!!!!! Happy Easter!

Nelofar Shaik

5 stars
Decorative cake usually ends up by wasting a hell lot of side pieces. Luckily your cutting method didn’t waste a single crumb of it. Lovely technique. Thank you for sharing


Do you have a cookbook available with other styles to make

Diane Homan

I don’t, but the original Baker’s Coconut book that I got this design from is available online. I think I put the link up in the post!


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Awe Ilove this thank you sooo much,,

Diane Homan

I’m so glad you liked it!!!!!

Robin Wilson

Thank you so much for this! My granddaughter wanted a bunny cake and I fell in love with yours! Thanks for making the instructions so East to follow. I wanted to post a picture but I couldn’t figure out how.

Diane Homan

I’m so glad this worked for your family! I’m sure your bunny was adorable!!!!

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What type of pudding mix do I use for the cut up bunny cake? Instant or Cook N Serve?

Annie Weaver

The last time I made this cake, the ears looked crooked to me as did the pink inside. Your templates are a gift to me! Thank you so much for offering the link.

Diane Homan

I’m so glad they were helpful to you!

Jean L Balliro

5 stars
Just like the one my mom made for us back in the 60’s.


5 stars
The templates take the stress out of cutting they’re so perfect! My mother made this cake every Easter since the mid-70’s. She passed away in January and this year I have the honour of baking the family bunny cake.

Diane Homan

I’m so glad they worked for you! And what an honor it is to carry on such a sweet tradition!


I wish I could send you a pic. It turned out just like your photo! Thank you again.


5 stars
Hi ! I’m actually making this cake tonight with my daughter! 🙂 but just curious what are the measurements you use for *your* Ingredients?? And this may sound like silly question but do you just add the pudding mix or do you have to make it first and then add to the other ingredients for the cake ? Thanks so much I can’t wait to make this cake!! 🙂

Diane Homan

I just put the powder in as-is. No need to make it first. The pudding mix is a 3.5 oz box. Hope that helps!


Yes it does thank you!! 🙂 was there special measurements for *your* Ingredients that you put into cake ? ( if I decide not to follow box instructions for ingredients )

Diane Homan

I just use the recipe as listed in the post. I’m not a “from-scratch” cake maker — I’ve never met a recipe that competes with a doctored box mix!


5 stars
The templates take the stress out of cutting they’re it’s WOW!https://www.patran.co.il/

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