Wise Men Neighbor Gift

Wise Men Neighbor Gift | Homan at Home

Most years I make. a plate full of baked goodies, truffles, and fudge for my neighbors. This year, though, I know some of my neighbors wouldn’t be comfortable with something that came from my kitchen. I figured prepackaged things would be the best way to go in order to protect everyone involved. This wise men neighbor gift is a pretty cute solution!

These are the easiest thing in the world to make. It’s literally print, glue, and fill. I actually planned the color scheme to go with dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses, which typically come in green and purple, but Walmart didn’t have that when I went, so instead I made do with the standard colors. I think the almond ones would look good too, in that nice shade of gold!

Wise Men Neighbor Gift | Homan at Home

Kisses aren’t the only candy that would fit here. Anything individually wrapped will work, including mini candy bars, mints, gummi bear bags, and so on!

My other favorite part of these is the saying on the base. I love that it calls back to the point of this season. It’s a nice reminder, especially in the middle of such a hectic year.

Wise Men Neighbor Gift | Homan at Home

I couldn’t decide if I liked my wise men on a circle base or a rectangle one, so I made one of each so you can choose!

Wise Men Neighbor Gift


  • 3 toilet paper tubes
  • base printable
  • wise men printables (Balthazar, Melchior, and Caspar)
  • paper plate (for circle base) OR thin cardboard (for rectangle base)
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • candy to fill


Start by printing and cutting out the base piece you want. If you’re choosing the circle, place the base in the center, cut it out, then glue the base to the circle you cut.

For the rectangle base, you’ll do the same, but with the rectangle piece. Lay it over your thin cardboard (I used a graham cracker box). Cut out the rectangle, then glue the base to your cardboard.

Wise Men Neighbor Gift | Homan at Home

Next, cut out each of the wise men printables. For each, you’re going to use the glue stick to glue them to the toilet paper tubes. I also use a little bit of tap to make the overlap smooth in the back.

Once all the wisemen are made, use the hot glue to place them on your base. I find it easiest to put a thin ring of glue around the inner edge of the bottoms of each tube.

Once the glue dries, it’s time to fill them with the candy. Now you’re ready to pop next door to say “Merry Christmas!”

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Wise Men Neighbor Gift | Homan at Home

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