Healthy Greek Yogurt Mousse

Healthy Greek Yogurt Mousse | Homan at Home

This is hands down my new favorite treat. These little mousses take only two ingredients and can be whipped up in literally less than two minutes. And they’re completely healthy. I know, right?

So Dustin and I are back on the healthy bandwagon. We’re on week three of trying to eat the diet that came with our exercise program (T25 from Beachbody). Mostly, we do pretty well, but Dustin cannot abide plain greek yogurt. And to tell the truth, I struggle with eating it straight up too. We agree it tastes a lot like a bowl full of sour cream. I figured I’d just buy a flavored version, but when I checked the sugar content, I put it right back. Those things have as much sugar as cookies!

So we were planning to gut it through for the next 7 weeks. But as I was preparing Dustin’s yogurt bowl snack last week, I saw some sugar-free Jello packets a friend gave me, and the light bulb turned on. I poured a packet into his yogurt, swirled it round, and tasted it. Instead of sour cream, the glorious flavor of raspberries hit my taste buds. 

Healthy Greek Yogurt Mousse | Homan at Home

This can be done with any Jello flavor, and with any pudding flavor. We’ve been eating this as a dessert with sugar-free chocolate pudding swirled in, and it tastes heavenly. Honestly, I would eat this even if we weren’t trying to work on our diet.

Now, full disclosure: we’ve been calling this mousse at our house for lack of a better term. It does not have the light consistency of standard mousse, but it does taste a lot like it, and we love the rich creaminess the greek yogurt gives this dessert. As long as you’re not a mousse purist, this is an amazingly delicious dessert you can enjoy with out hurting your health goals. If you are a mousse purist, go ahead and give it another name, and enjoy!

Healthy Greek Yogurt Mousse
Serves 2
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Total Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 cup (8 oz) plain greek yogurt
  2. 1 .3 oz package sugar-free Jello or pudding
  1. In a bowl, mix together greek yogurt and pudding.
  2. Serve and enjoy!
  1. The mousses in the picture are made with raspberry Jello. Feel free to mix it up and use any flavor!
  2. Add toppings like nuts or berries to keep things fresh.
Homan at Home

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Healthy Greek Yogurt Mousse | Homan at Home


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This looks really yummy and simple ā€“ my favorite type of recipe. Please forgive me if this question is stupid:
Is the 1 cup of yogurt an 8 oz measuring cupful or a 5.3 oz container? (Told you it was a stupid question ā€“ sorry!) Thanks.

Diane Homan

Totally not stupid! We buy our yogurt in the ginormo bulk things from Costco, so I always figure in measuring cups, but I can see where that might be confusing. I’ll add a note up top to make it clear šŸ™‚

Homan at Home

[…] Healthy Greek Yogurt Mousse […]


I have been making this for months with SF jello because I love it so much (raspberry is the best!).
Now I want to branch out to trying it with pudding and I have another dumb question.
Does it matter if you use instant pudding mix or regular cook and serve pudding mix? And what size packet do you use – I see anywhere from less than 1 oz to just over 2 oz packages. Thanks again!

Diane Homan

I’ve used both kinds of pudding and never noticed a difference. I usually use the .3 oz one, but I think it would just be a question of how much flavor you want!

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