Nature Crown Craft for Kids

Take a nature walk, then use your findings to create a nature crown craft for kids! Glue seeds, leaves, acorn tops, and more to create a crown fit for a king or queen.

Nature Crown Craft for Kids

DIY Nature crowns are a super easy, super cheap way to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather. With gorgeously colored leaves and grasses, seeds falling from trees, and acorns all over the place, there’s endless supplies right outside your door. If you don’t live near many trees, consider a trip to the park armed with a bag to collect all the beauty that you see.

What do I need for my nature crown craft for kids?

Nature! The star of this project is the leaves, seeds, grasses, etc that you collect from outside. Bark chips, twigs, nuts, and whatever else is hanging around where you live provides the material for your child’s creativity!

2 Sheets of Cardstock: Cardboard or construction paper will also work for this, but we found that cardstock had the best of both worlds. The construction paper is flexible enough to fit well on the head, but it’s a little floppy if you put heavier items on it (sticks, bark chips, acorn tops). On the other hand, the cardboard holds just about anything, but wasn’t super flexible and tended to fall down the kids’ heads when they wore it. Cardstock was the clear winner for this project!

Hot Glue (and adult supervision): Hot glue has the best hold. We initially tried this with a glue stick, but our leaves were falling off within minutes of starting play. While nothing works perfectly, hot glue holds much better than Elmer’s or a glue stick. This does mean that you will either need to glue for your child, or you may want to supervise their gluing.

Staples and Stapler: To secure the crown to the child, you’ll staple the back. You can also tape the back together, but again, if you’re looking for a sturdier crown that will last through playtime, we’ve found that stapling works best.

Optional: Glitter and Glue Stick: An additional way to make your nature crown craft shine, you can use a glue stick to add glitter accents. After all, what good is a crown if it doesn’t sparkle?

Nature Crown Craft for Kids

How do I make nature crowns?

Nature Crown Instructions
The first step of creating a nature crown craft for kids is to take a nature walk. Grab a bag and find a place with plenty of flora and let the kids go wild. My kids grabbed enough stuff in the first five minutes to make 3 crowns a piece.

Once you have your supplies, you can build the base. Stack your 2 pieces of cardboard on top of each other, then draw a zig-zag line down the center.

Next, cut along the line. Then, line up the two pieces and tape them together in the front. You should have a full crown laid out flat.

Time to let the kids go wild! Have the kids place their nature findings on the crown. Once they’re done, you can either hot glue them yourself, or, for older kids, let them glue the decorations down.

If you’re using glitter, the kids can add glitter designs to their crown before stapling.

As your final step, you’re going to place the crown around the kid’s head. You’ll overlap the edges until it fits a bit snug. If it’s too loose, the crown will fall down around the kid’s eyes when they play. If it’s too loose, they won’t be able to wear their creation. Once you have it just right, staple the edges together. You can cut off the overlap, or just leave it (that’s what we do).

Your nature crown craft for kids is ready to go!

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