Tasty Turkey Meatloaf

Tasty Turkey Meatloaf | Homan at HomeI’ve always hated meatloaf, so it comes as a surprise that the number one best recipe to come out of Body Beast is this turkey meatloaf. I was skeptical at first, but, hey, we were eating so many things that were either tasteless or straight-up nasty, I figured. what the heck? I’m a convert now, which is why I had to share. You won’t find me eating regular ground beef meatloaf, but Tasty Turkey Meatloaf is just too good to keep to myself. My body may be hurting, I may be craving chocolate like nobody’s business, but the meatloaf recipe (and okay, the inches lost) sure make it worth it.

Which brings me to the other good news: this recipe is super healthy. With only 211 calories per serving, it packs a protein punch – 25 grams! This means it’s low-calorie, filling, and tasty. Can’t beat that!
Tasty Turkey Meatloaf | Homan at Home

Tasty Turkey Meatloaf
Serves 8
Salsa adds a southwest flair to this high protein, low calorie meatloaf.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
45 min
Total Time
55 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
45 min
Total Time
55 min
  1. 2 lbs ground turkey
  2. 1 cup salsa
  3. 2 eggs, beaten
  4. 2 tsp garlic powder
  5. 1 cup bread crumbs
  6. pepper to taste
  1. Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl and mix well.
  2. Press mixture into greased loaf pan to form loaf.
  3. Bake at 400° for 45-50 minutes until internal temperature reaches at least 165°.
  4. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.
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 A Few Thoughts on Body Beast

In case you’re wondering, it works. I’ve been trying to lose baby weight for a good 5 months now using my regular routine of just straight cardio. No joy. In fact, I was heavier when I started Beast than at any point after having the baby.

Back in June, Dustin and I decided we needed a change. We were both feeling sluggish and kinda awful, and we figured it was down to diet and weight gain. Body Beast offered a program with a diet included, so we went with that. The price is also really cheap for this sort of thing (around $50).

We stuck really close to the diet (only modifying for budget reasons. Seriously, why is the healthier option so much more expensive?). We also completed all the workouts, switching off who watched Alex so we could both hit the gym daily. 

The results were great. I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. In fact, my waist is back to its pre-pregnancy size (just don’t ask about the hips!) After a couple weeks, the sluggishness was gone, and most of our feeling awful issues had resolved. 

Bottom Line: I’m not sure if Body Beast is the only answer, but I do think including weight lifting in your exercise program is a great idea. I’ve always been heavy into cardio (teaching aerobics, completing programs like Insanity! over and over again), but something was missing this time around. Weightlifting filled the gap. 

The other positive that came out of using Body Beast was recommitting to eating well. I’ve always known this, but sleep deprivation and the demands of a new baby derailed us for a time. As they say, it’s never too late!

Anyway, if you’re interested in maybe adding some weightlifting, Body Beast is a good program. I’ve also compiled a list of excellent resources if you’re looking into creating your own workouts:

Weightlifting Resources:

Stronglifts 5×5 – This is actually what we’ve been doing since we finished Body Beast. You only need to learn 5 exercises, and this is based on a 3 times a week workout. You do three of the exercises for 5 sets of 5 (25 total) each workout. Long story short, this is great for building strength and allows you to include cardio on your off days. They also have a great app!

Women’s Health – Best Strength Training for Women – Great resource on why women should included lifting in their workout regimen. 

Strength Training 101 from Nerd Fitness – This walks you through options, gives example workouts, and helps you design a workout that will work for you.

Best Beginning Weight Training Guide from Bodybuilding.com – This guide talks you through gym etiquette, then shows you how to do a number of foundational exercises. 

Workout Routines for Muscle Building and Fat Loss from Bodybuilding.com – Tons of workouts for just about any goal. I really liked the 12-week post-pregnancy trainer!

What’s your favorite healthy recipe? Share with us in the comments below!

Tasty Turkey Meatloaf | Homan at Home


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