DIY Snowflake Window Clings

DIY Snowflake Window Clings | Homan at Home

This project is definitely one of the cooler ones I have tried in a while. I saw a tutorial for homemade window clings going around last year. I think it was for how to make letters out of puff paint, but the second I saw it, I thought – snowflakes. That would make the cutest snowflakes. 

And it does. Making these window clings is just about the easiest thing in the world, as long as you use the right materials. Now, you know me – if there is a cheaper alternative, I will use it. I never buy brand name, and I don’t really advocate for brand loyalty for most things. So please understand how important it is to use Tulip brand puff paint for this. These will NOT work if you try to use just any old puff paint. 

DIY Snowflake Window Clings | Homan at Home

However, if you invest the extra 50¢ and get the proper paint, these window clings are the dang cutest. I also had my 3 year old stress-test these puppies for you, and we discovered that they can be stuck and unstuck three times before they lose their clinginess. They definitely seem more clingy when its warmer, so you might even get more use out of them if you live in a warm climate!


Tulip puff paint

tracing page

wax paper


Snowflake Window Clings, Step-by-Step

Start by printing off and taping your tracing page to a flat surface. I used painters tape to fix it to my table. 

I also used this coloring page for my tracing. I liked how simple the snowflakes are, but feel free to use any template you’d like. 

Next, tape a sheet of wax paper over the top.

DIY Snowflake Window Clings | Homan at Home

Now, just use your Tulip paints to track over the snowflakes, filling in the lines. I used the Glitter version for the white, and the Sparkles for the blue. I have to say, I much preferred the Sparkles. It was easier to use, and the sparkly-ness was more defined, although that could have been because of the color. 

DIY Snowflake Window Clings | Homan at Home

And next, we just let them dry. The bottles say 4 hours, but I left mine overnight, just to be sure. When they’re completely dry to the touch, peel them off the paper and stick them to the window. Super easy!

DIY Snowflake Window Clings | Homan at Home

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DIY Snowflake Window Clings | Homan at Home


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