Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies

February 27, 2017 Diane Homan

Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies | Homan at Home

Regular blog readers know I dig colorful food. Like, a lot. Also colorful crafts, clothes, home decor, and just about everything. But seriously, I will fall in love with recipes because they look pretty – and this one-pan roasted chicken and veggies dinner is one of those recipes. 

I mean, it tastes good too. Good enough that my husband, who’s usually pretty leery of anything that flies under the banner “healthy,” approved it. It was invented one evening as basically a kitchen sink recipe – I had a ton of veggies that were going bad in the fridge and one of my goals this year is to cut back on food waste. I figured I could roast those puppies up and save them, and then threw in some chicken as a last minute moment of inspiration. We ate this with leftover homemade french fries as a side and effectively cleaned out the fridge. 

Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies | Homan at Home

And then Dustin came home the next day and asked if we had any of that stuff from last night left over. When I tell you this man is not into veggies, I mean it. He basically will willingly eat them only in stir-fry. But he’s asked for this twice more since I first made it. In other words, if you’re trying to feed an unwilling healthy eater, I can’t guarantee this one will work, but it’s a likely recipe to try 🙂

  • Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies

    Juicy chicken and tangy veggies roasted together makes a delicious one-pan meal!
    Prep Time5 mins
    Cook Time15 mins
    Total Time20 mins
    Servings: 4


    • 1 onion
    • 2 roma tomatoes
    • 1 head of broccoli
    • 1 bell pepper
    • 1 zucchini
    • 1 tsp seasoned salt
    • 1 tsp garlic powder
    • 1/2 tsp paprika
    • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
    • 2 chicken breasts


    • Chop up veggies and chicken breasts into small chunks.
    • In a bowl, drizzle with olive oil. Add spices and toss to coat.
    • Spread onto foil-lined pan and bake at 500° for 10-15 minutes.
    • Serve alone or over rice.


    You can skip the step with the bowl and toss the veggies and chicken with the oil and spices straight on the pan and save yourself a dish.


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Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies | Homan at Home

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[…] Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies […]

Homan at Home

[…] Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies […]

Homan at Home

[…] Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies […]

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