Upcycle a Box with Fabric

Upcycle a Box with Fabric | Homan at Home

The waiting game has begun! I’m done with working, and my due date is past, but still no baby. That means I’m still crafting while I wait.

This craft was super easy, and the upcycled boxes came out so cute. Alex has a jungle theme going on in his nursery, so we stuck with that.

We started with old post office boxes (the ones people had sent the gifts in!) and painted the writing white so it wouldn’t show through the fabric. Any box will do, we just had a bunch of these hanging around.


Enter some on-sale, queen-sized bed sheets from Walmart and a paper pattern of my mother’s design. We cut the fabric to fit the boxes…


…then used spray on adhesive, a glue gun, and the iron to mold the fabric to the boxes. We used the spray-on adhesive for the fronts and the glue gun for the inside of the box. Hot glue holds better, but it can be seen through the fabric, which makes it ideal for the insides, while the spray-on adhesive is enough to hold the outside without showing through. The iron was used to fold the raw edges over to make a neat edge before gluing.


Lastly, we cut some animal shapes out of old cereal boxes and painted them with chalkboard paint, then hot glued them to the front. We figure the cost of each box ended up at about $1.50. Pretty cute, right?

Upcycle a Box with Fabric | Homan at Home

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