Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Hi! I’m Diane Homan, creator of Homan at Home!  I love cooking and baking, and I really, really love photographing food. Creating in the home, and especially in the kitchen, is my jam. 

My purpose in life is to make some of those home and family questions easy to answer. You know, the ones like:

  • What do I make for dinner?
  • How do I keep this house clean without losing my mind?
  • What do I do with these kids when it rains?

Family-friendly recipes and engaging kid crafts with regular ingredients, simple techniques, and easy tutorials are here to take the stress away so you can get back to enjoying happiness in your home!

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I started blogging when my son was born back in 2014. I loved taking pictures of food and wanted a convenient place to share my recipes with friends and family. As my kids got older, I started chronicling the activities and crafts we did together.

Since then, Homan at Home has grown into a little community of moms (and dads!) who are interested in finding new ways to feed and connect with their children.

Most of the crafts and recipes you’ll find on this site are extremely cheap — some are even free! Whether you have a big budget or none at all, this site is here to help you take the things you do everyday — cook for your family and care for your children — and make them extraordinary!

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