Stained Glass Easter Weaving

Stained Glass Easter Weaving | Homan at Home

You’ll have to ignore the snow in the background of all these pictures. Winter finally decided to come to Utah, just as I decided I didn’t have to wait any longer to make Easter crafts. 

I love Easter, with all the pretty springtime colors and the cute little bunnies and chicks, and I basically wait all year for it to be time to get going on the Easter posts. 

So here’s your first one – this is a simple little craft that’s easy enough to do with small children. It was a little too hard for my 3 year old, but his buddy who was 4 had a great time with it, so there you go. This is also an easy activity to set up for large groups. Kids who can cut can do the whole project by themselves, but if you’ve got a scissors-challenged kiddo (like my little guy and his friend), these are easy to mass produce, especially if you have access to a paper cutter. 

Stained Glass Easter Weaving | Homan at Home

The templates for the four designs are linked in the materials section. If you’re interested in skills building, this project opens the door for weaving (obvi), patterns, cutting, gluing, and tracing. 

Easter Stained Glass, Step-by-Step


colored computer paper (NOT construction paper or cardstock)

printable Easter friends templates (sheep and egg, bunny and chick)


glue stick


Start by printing off the Easter friends template, cutting them out, and then using them to trace a friend on the colored computer paper. I traced a yellow chick. 

Stained Glass Easter Weaving | Homan at Home

Cut out your friend, then fold them in half and make 4-6 cuts across. 

Stained Glass Easter Weaving | Homan at Home

Unfold the base, then cut several 1/4″ strips of contrasting color paper. Weave these through the cuts on the base. 

Stained Glass Easter Weaving | Homan at Home

To finish, glue the top and bottom of each strip to the base, then cut it off. 

Stained Glass Easter Weaving | Homan at Home

Getting the “stained glass” look is as easy as hanging them in the window. The computer paper is thin enough to let the light through, and you get a beautiful effect!

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Easter Stained Glass Papercraft | Homan at Home

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