Lollipop Turkeys

Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

Turkey day is next week and I could not be more excited! I love Thanksgiving. It has everything I enjoy: family, food, fall stuff, and turkeys. Turkeys are a blast because I seriously cannot imagine a dumber looking bird. I guess that’s why they make such cute crafts. There’s something lovable about a an animal that silly looking. 

This lollipop turkey is a variation on a wooden one my family had when I was young. It was a turkey cut out, but in place of the tail. there were little holes drilled just the right size for lollipop sticks. We’d stick pops in them, then eat them all through November. It was fun and very cute. 

However, our apartment is really too small for me to be harboring holiday decorations year-round, so we tend to make disposable things each year. I wanted a lollipop turkey this year. Enter this little craft. It’s pretty darn easy, and the idea is the same. 


small box (Jello/pudding boxes work well)

brown, orange, and red paper

wiggle eyes



glue, scissors, pencil, tape

Lollipop Turkey, Step-by-Step

Start by cutting a piece of brown paper large enough to wrap your box. I didn’t have any brown paper, but decided to do this anyway, so I used a colored pencil to color some computer paper. 

Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

Next, wrap the box, using tape to hold the paper in place. 

Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

Now, cut out a turkey front. This is actually really easy. I just think of it like a fat figure eight. When I was little, my mom said to think of cutting out a shoe. 

Once it’s cut, glue it to the middle of the box. 

Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

Now, use the skewer to poke holes for the lollipops on the top. For large pops (like the Blow Pops shown), you can fit about five across a pudding box. If you use Dum Dums, you can get seven. 

Once you’ve poked the holes, go ahead and cut out feet and a beak from the orange paper, and a gobbler from the red paper. Glue them to your turkey’s face along with the wiggle eyes. 

Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

And, lastly, stick the lollipops in to finish! My turkey was a little top heavy, so I had to move the lollipops around to balance him, but he’s been sitting on the kitchen table for a week now and is doing fine. 

Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

There you go! Your own lollipop turkey, no woodworking involved!

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Lollipop Turkeys | Homan at Home

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