Halloween Candy Jars

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home

These little jars are based of the glittery candy creations of Amber over at Crazy Little Projects. Her jars are adorable, and I wanted to make them, but I’m a little short on glitter, so I gave them a slight spin. We had some peanut butter M&Ms that a friend gave us as a gift, so I used them to fill the jars.

The color showing through looked cool, so things moved on apace from there. Green became Frankenstein, orange, a jack o’lantern, and the brown took me a while, but I finally settled on a bat. I still think a black cat would have been cute, but designing one just didn’t seem to work. If someone does design one, I want to see!

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home

These are super simple to make as long as you can cut and glue. I did have to paint the jar lids since I used baby food jars and they had Beechnut emblazoned across them. If you use mason jars, you can probably just skip right over that step. 


small jars, washed and dried

M&Ms or other hard candy

black and white fun foam

wiggle eyes

hot glue


Halloween Candy Jars, Step-by-Step

Start by filling your jars up with the desired candy. This part was fun, since I got to eat any red, blue, or yellow M&Ms that came my way 🙂

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home

Screw the lids on, then set the jars aside. Pull out your black fun foam and get ready to cut. I’ve given you close ups of each jar so you can see what to cut for each design. 


Frankenstein needs hair (straight line at the top, jagged edge at the bottom), a scar, and a wiggly mouth. He also gets wiggly eyes glued on. Once you’ve cut his pieces, line them up on the jar, then use the hot glue to glue them on. 

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home

Jack o’Lantern

Good ol’ Jack here is the easiest in my opinion. All he takes are two large triangles for eyes, a smaller one for a nose, and a half circle for the mouth. You can cut out teeth, or just give him a grin. Once you’ve cut out your pieces, lay them on the jar for spacing, then glue them down with the hot glue gun.

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home


And last but not least – the bat. This guy gave me a lot of trouble, until I realized his fangs needed to be super thin and long. This makes them hard to glue, but that’s what it takes to get a decent looking bat. The things we do for our crafting!

The bat needs two wiggle eyes, a little round fun foam nose, two ears, and two white fangs. Once you’ve cut the pieces out, lay them on the jar for spacing, then glue them on. 

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home

What do you think? I loved them, and my neighbors were at least complimentary to my face :0

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Don’t forget to pin!

Halloween Candy Jars | Homan at Home


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