Tissue Paper Ghosts

Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home

Yep, this craft looks a lot like the one from two weeks ago (lollypop ghosts), but I swear, it’s not. All this just goes to show that a few pieces of Kleenex makes a dang good ghost, right? 

Anyway, these little guys are even easier than the lollypop ghost, if I do say so myself. My 3 year old was able to make them by himself (okay, I tied the ribbon) and is actually responsible for the one on the far left of the header photo. 

Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home

These guys have to be one of the cheapest crafts I’ve ever made. They are literally three pieces of tissue, a short piece of ribbon, and a black marker. That’s it. And you can make one in under five minutes. These would go great on a garland, or hanging from a doorway (that’s what we did. Everytime my son passes under, he says “spooky” in his best ghost voice, and that’s definitely worth a few sheets of Kleenex :)). 


3 sheets of tissue

black marker

ribbon or yarn

Tissue Paper Ghosts, Step-by-Step

Start with laying two sheets of tissue flat. 

Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home

Ball up a third tissue and place it in the center of the flattened tissues. 

Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home

Then, gather the flattened tissues around the balled-up one to make a head.

Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home

Tie the neck off with a ribbon or piece of yarn, then use the marker to make eyes and a mouth. Spooky!

Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home

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Tissue Paper Ghosts | Homan at Home




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