Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at Home

Check out these cute little bug-eyed buddies. They’re even cuter peeking out from between the pages of your books! 

These little bookmarks are super easy to make. If you can handle a glue gun, you can make these guys. With all sorts of color variation and hairstyle options, you can make a completely unique book buddy!


My favorite’s the yellow with the pink braids. Which one do you like? 


1 medium pompom

2 medium wiggle eyes

1 paper clip

yarn scraps

hot glue and glue gun

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies, Step-by-step

Start by gluing your pom pom to the top of the paper clip. Make sure that the little piece in the center is pointing down so that your buddy will be able to hang on to the paper. 

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at Home

Next, glue your wiggle eyes. I used wiggle eyes that were just a little bit to big for the pompom in order to get that googly-eyed look, so I kind of glued them to the sides rather than the front of the pompom. 

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at Home

Now for the hair. You are welcome to just glue scraps of yarn on the top of the pompom until you think it looks good. If you want to do the braid or the sticky-up hair in the pictures, I’ll walk you through them below. 

First, the braid. Start by wrapping yarn around your fingers. 

Slide the yarn off, and loop a piece of yarn around the center of the circle and tie it off. 

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at Home

Now cut the circle on the opposite side from the tied yarn. 

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at Home

Now take the strands on either side of the tie and braid them.

Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at HomeLast step is to glue your braid to your pompom. 

And that’s the braid. To do the sticky-up hair, start with a loop around the finger the same way you did with the braid. I only use two fingers in order to make the loop smaller.  

Then use a scrap of yarn to tie around the loop. 

Now clip the top of the loop, then trim the ends to get the look you want. 

Last, glue it to the back of the pompom. Ta da!

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Paper Clip Bookmark Buddies | Homan at Home

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