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Easter Popsicle Stick Door Hangers

Easter Popsicle Stick Door Hangers | Homan at Home

Do you know what every-bunny wants for Easter? A carrot, of course! 

Hahaha! I crack myself up. 

But seriously. these two little door hangers make the cutest duo – a bunny and his carrot. They stand on their own just fine as well, or you can hang them together for maximum adorability. This is a really fun way to decorate for Easter, and this project is super simple as well. 

Easter Popsicle Stick Door Hangers | Homan at Home

This is a project designed for kiddos, so there are only a few steps. 

To make the bunny, start with three jumbo popsicle sticks. Pain them white, then paint pink ears on two of them. Once they’re dry, glue the two with ears in a V, then glue the third stick right across right under the ears. Add wiggle eyes and a pom-pom nose and you’re finished!

Easter Popsicle Stick Door Hangers | Homan at Home

The carrot is pretty much the same. It uses regular sized popsicle sticks, which you paint orange. Once they’re dry, glue two in a V and the third one across the top. A piece of green felt or fun foam makes the top – just cut it out and glue it to the back of the t0p stick. 

Easter Popsicle Stick Door Hangers | Homan at Home

For both, add a loop of ribbon, yarn, or twine to turn them into door hangers. If you want to layer them like in the picture above, make one loop longer than the other so that one hangs down further. That’s it! What did I say? Super easy, right?

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Easter Popsicle Stick Door Hangers | Homan at Home



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