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Foil Embossing | Homan at Home

I love simple crafts. I love things that look fancy. This craft combines them both. A little glue, some foil, and shoe polish (yes, shoe polish) to give things that gorgeous metal look! You are just 15 minutes away from impressing all your guests.

This would be perfect for making wall hangings – and with the right paper, you could even use this technique on cards. Changing up your shoe polish will change up the look. For the one above, I did black polish. If you want a more bronze-y look, you can use brown polish. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere where you can get gold colored foil, that would look really cool too!

Your materials list looks like this: 


  • stiff paper or cardboard for backing
  • glue (hot glue, elmer’s glue, or tacky glue)
  • foil
  • shoe polish

For my project, I used watercolor paper because we had some lying around. Anything that is strong enough to not bend when you apply the glue will work here. This could include cardboard, matte board, tag board, or canvas. Cardstock would even work, but you would need to be very, very gentle. 

Anyway, decide what you want to use, then decide on a pattern. I’m not good at free-hand, so I used a stencil in the shape of a fleur-de-lis to make my design. You could even draw your design with a pencil and go over it with glue. 

Once you’ve got a design, go over it with glue. I used hot glue, since that’s what I had, but any glue that dries raised will work. I’ve heard tacky glue doesn’t spread out as much as Elmer’s, but Elmer’s will work if you’re careful or you’re going for that devil-may-care look. 

Easy Foil Embossing |Homan at Home

Hot glue doesn’t spread out as much, so that’s both a curse and a blessing. The edges of my design are nice and sharp, but the parts where I tried to fill in are a little lumpy. I ended up liking the uneven look in the finished product, but next time I have a design with so many spaces to fill, I might try using a different glue. 

On to the next part. You’re going to cover a piece of foil with glue (I used a glue stick), and stick it to the top of your board-and-glue design. Use a finger first to gently (GENTLY!) press around and make sure the foil adheres to the backing. 

Gentleness is really, really important with this craft. If you press too hard, you may break the foil, which ruins the look. I used a Q-tip to press around my design and bring out the sharp edges. 

Easy Foil Embossing |Homan at Home

This part already looks cool, but it’s about to get cooler in here, yo. Now is when we deploy the shoe polish. Use a paper towel to gently (of course) wipe polish across the top of the foil. I used the Q-tip to get it into some of the smaller areas. Leave the polish sit for a minute, then wipe it off with a clean paper towel. 

And that’s it! You are now the proud owner of some gorgeous “metal” decor. Put it in a frame, or display as is – it’ll look good no matter what 🙂

Easy Foil Embossing |Homan at Home

What did you use your embossing for? Share a picture or leave a comment below. We’d love to see your work!

Foil Embossing | Homan at Home


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Lana at iLoveMy5Kids

Super cool idea! I love Fleur Di Lis! So pretty!

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