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Color Blocked T-Shirt Refashion

Color Blocked T Shirt

My two favorite maternity shirts got stained right at the end of my pregnancy. These two are comfortable and were really flattering for my whale-like body, but unfortunately, they both got attacked by Clorox with Bleach. Since the blue one was stained near the top (you can see it in the picture), and the red one was stained across the stomach, I decided to use the non-stained parts of each to make a cool color-blocked t-shirt.

First, I put the red one on since it’s going to be the top. I drew a chalk line across where I wanted the red part to end and the blue part to begin.


Next, I cut along the line.


Then, I laid the red top over the blue shirt and used the chalk to draw a line on the blue shirt.


I cut the blue shirt along the line and ended up with a nice fabric tube:


Then, with the parts inside out and keeping right sides together, I pinned the two parts together.


Because these shirts were made of knit fabrics, I used a zig-zag stitch to sew right on the edge of the pinned seam.


Then I turned the shirt right side out and put it on. I’ll look pretty great next time around!


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