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Oversized to Fitted T-Shirt

Oversized T Shirt


5 years ago, I got my first big-person job teaching Language Arts at Begich Middle School. I missed the first day of teacher orientation, which apparently involved tie-dying shirts that we would wear on Friday for the rest of the year. My team knew I was coming, and the science teacher decided to tie-dye me a shirt. Unfortunately, the only size left was 2X. I’m more of a medium, usually.

For the rest of that year, I wore that giant shirt every Friday. I tried tucking it, rolling the sleeves, tying it, anything, but it never looked good. At the end of that year, it went into my drawer and was forgotten about. This year, I was purging things when I discovered my shirt again. I decided to see if I could do something about resizing it.


First, I put the shirt on inside out, pulled the sides out evenly, and pinned them to fit my figure.


Then, I used a zig-zag stitch to sew along the pins all the way to the arm holes.


Now the torso section looks right, but the arms are still huge. I turned the shirt inside out again and pinned the sleeve opening up. I sewed along the line, then cut the sleeves to be the length I wanted.


I had to do cap sleeves for this one, because the armscye hit in an awkward place and put a weird line in the sleeve. I ended up cutting just above the seam.

Anyway, here’s a shot of the final product. Much more flattering than a 2X!



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