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Magic Crocheted Bunny

Crocheted Bunny

This simple crochet project comes together like magic. One tug on a drawstring forms the bunny, and all that’s left is decoration!

  • Materials

  • yarn (this doesn’t take much; it’s a great use for yarn scraps!)
  • size G crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • stuffing


Crochet a square following this pattern:

  • Ch. 26
  • R1: In second ch from hook, sc. Sc in all ch. Ch 1, turn. (25 sc)
  • R2: Sc in each sc across. Ch. 1, turn. (25 sc)
  • R3-29: repeat R2 (25 sc)
  • R30: Sc in each sc across. Finish off. (25 sc)

You now have a square. You can vary the size of your bunny by varying your square. Different size hooks, different numbers of rows, and different yarn weights all make different size bunnies. Play around with it!


Now, using a yarn needle, sew across row 15, then up towards the top and back to row 15 in order to form a triangle like this:


Make sure to leave the ends loose. You’re going to put a wad of stuffing inside the triangle, then pull on the loose ends to make a bunny head and ears like so:


Then, stuff the body with stuffing and sew the opening closed. You can use a drawstring method to close up the bottom. Your bunny is now formed:


Now you can decorate. I embroidered eyes and a nose on mine, which was probably a horrendous mistake since I don’t embroider well. Next time I might try wiggle eyes…


I also hot glued on a pom-pom tail (for directions on how to make a pom-pom follow this tutorial).


Now you have a cute bunny just in time for Easter!


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