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Frumpy Pants to Skinny Jeans


I found the cutest pair of jeans at the thrift store. They were $2 and I loved the print, but the jeans were far too short and had frumpy straight legs. I hit Pinterest to see what could be done and found a number of tutorials on how to turn badly fitting jeans into cute skinnies. I decided to try my hand and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I loved that this project really just required two straight seams. I’m not much of a seamstress myself, so anything too tough, and I’m out on the project. The genius of this is in the method. With just a couple of well-placed lines, frumpy jeans turn into super stylish skinnies!

The first step was to turn the jeans inside out and then pull the fabric out and pin along each leg in the shape I wanted it to be when I was finished.


Then, still inside out, I sewed along the pins to create a new outside seam. I recommend pinning both legs separately instead of trying to fold one leg over and copy the seam. That did NOT work out well. Thank heavens for seam rippers! Then I tried them on to make sure I had it right before cutting the excess fabric.


Last step was to cut the excess fabric about 3/4″ from the seam. Then I used a zig-zag stitch to finish the raw edges and avoid fraying. Ta da!


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