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Jungle Print Canvases

Jungle Print Canvases

Alex’s nursery used to be the study. Right over where the computer sat, I had four canvases covered with very girly fabric (I like pink, okay?). Now, we’ve got the comfy couch there, and the pink flowery canvases don’t quite fit.

Enter the Walmart fabric section. Fat quarters are just the right size to cover my 16X18 canvases, and we managed to find several in animal print – zebra, giraffe, cheetah, and snow leopard.

At $1.07 a fat quarter, they were the right price.

We also picked up a few more of the cute animal cut-outs (69¢ a piece!), and a few thumbtacks.

After prying the old fabric off the canvases, I ironed out my new jungle fabric and stretched it taut. Placing the canvas face downward, I folded the fabric over and used the thumbtacks to tack it to the wood in the back. Turning corners was the hardest part. I had to go up all sides, leaving the corners until last. Warning: this makes your thumbs tired. I would recommend using a hammer to get the tacks in securely.


Finally, I turned my covered canvases over, picked an animal cut-out, and hot glued it to the front. Simple and super cute, right?

Jungle Print Canvases | Homan at Home

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